10 Must Have Wardrobe Things : Mens.

Well, fashion or clothing is like technology……it gets outdated and we start searching for new and updated things but there are some elements which are evergreen and essentials things to be in our wardrobe. The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long. From simple denim, chinos to a pair of good sneakers and shoes. So here are the few things which you must have in your wardrobe.

1 – Button Down White Shirt.


Highly versatile and fit for many occasion whether it is a casual outing or office meeting a button down white shirt with chinos or denim works fine. Can be worn with cardigan or Blazer and gives a classy look. Tuck it in with chinos with a pair of brogues gives semi formal look or just wear it with denim and pair of sneaker for the casual look.



2 – Slim Fit Navy Chinos.

Alternative for jeans but with more option to wear with. Best for the casual, semi-formal or formal look. Pair it with white shirt, t-shirt, cardigan, blazer, jacket….huh pair it anything you like :). Comfortable yet stylish. The wardrobe is incomplete without this.


3 – Denim Jacket.

A denim jacket can be worn over a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even shirt with different shades of jeans. Gives stylish look and comfortable to wear. Ruggedness with trend :).




4 – Cool Sneaker.

Connected to Hip-hop from the past, these are the best footwear for a casual look. Comfortable than your regular leather shoes. Comes in various sizes, color and pattern. Opt for the one which you like :D.


5 – A Good Pair of Brogues.

Originally designed in Scotland and Ireland for working outdoor. Now brogues have many variants and you can opt for one you like. Generally, wear with formal or chinos. It is manufactured using many leather pieces can be found in variety closure type.





6 – Jeans.

Almost everyone on this planet has worn jeans. Durable, comfortable, need less caring and stylish. Originally designed for the worker who used to work in mine now become a style statement. Comes in various variation like the Skinny fit, Straight fit, Bell Bottom, Girlfriend fit etc. I guess everyone reading this post have at least one jeans in their wardrobe.




8 – Suit.

Whether you wear a suit every day or not, you should always have a Suit in your wardrobe. Especially a navy one. Best for both business meeting or having dinner at some restaurant.




9 – White T-shirt.

It goes with everything, whether it is your denim jacket or a cardigan or your casual shirts. Can be worn under anything you like. Looks good and provide a great casual look. Pair it with jeans and sneaker….you are ready for outing :).




10 – Hoodie or A Sweatshirt.

Great for winter, warm and comfortable. Gives casual look and can be worn over a T-shirt or shirt. You should always own a hoodie.  It has variants like zipped version and sweatshirt one. I like the hooded one most :P.

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